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How to choose the best glasses for the bike

How to choose the best glasses for cycling ?

It is not enough to use’Have a bicycle to practice cycling. It is also necessary to be well protected’To equip to optimize its safety and to roll in a comfortable way. If the clothes are part of the essential equipment in the panoply of the company’There are also other types of furniture for cyclists’other products like glasses. In addition to protecting from the sun, the projections of’Water, wind, dust and insect proof, they allow the cyclist to ride in style. You can’will have understood, these equipments are very important for a perfect vision on the tracks.

For this, they should not be chosen at random. What are the criteria to take into account before deciding to wear glasses?’to offer glasses of bicycle ? How to maintain these items?

The different types of bicycle glasses

After the helmet, the’bicycle equipment that’you need to ride comfortably and safely, c’is the pair of glasses. Today’Today, thanks to the technologies that we have developed, it is possible to have a better quality of life’These accessories allow you to pedal and to see what is happening on the road’to have an excellent vision even in bad weather. Some models are of a different type’The helmet is also compatible with corrective lenses to allow the cyclist to wear them’Be comfortable.

That being said, there are 2 types of cycling glasses: road glasses and mountain bike glasses. The big difference between these items is the frame, the material and the size’thickness of the lenses.

Whether during training or competition, mountain bikers are more prone to falls. C’This is the reason why they must opt for compact and resistant glasses compact and resistant glasses that have frames around the lenses. The latter must also be resistant and heavy so as not to break at the slightest impact. There are even certified anti-scratch lenses that can be used to protect the eyes’prove useful in certain conditions.

As for the road cyclist, the frames of his glasses are not the same as those of the road cyclist’they do not necessarily surround the whole glass. There is nothing to prevent them from choosing a full frame, which is less compact and thick than the glasses used by mountain bikers.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, I advise you to contact a supplier specialized in bicycle equipment. This will allow you to’to have quality products at reduced prices. In addition to protective eyewear, you can buy all kinds of cycling apparel from leading brands: jerseys, shorts, helmets, shoes, jackets, windbreakers, etc…

How to know which type of bicycle glasses is right for you ?

Obviously, the choice of your bicycle glasses will depend on the type of practice. Beyond that, if you're wondering what type of cycling glasses are right for you, you need to look at the lenses. We find on the market 2 types of glasses: integral and divided into two parts.

The integral lens is designed to give a clear, precise and unobstructed vision in front of the cyclist's eyes. Opt for a wide enough product to prevent the wind from circulating between the glass and your eyes. As for the glass divided into 2 parts, it is the most common’It is a very sturdy accessory that can be used with any bicycle’one can also use on the road.

The advantages of the’use of the bicycle glasses

Whether you are an amateur or a professional cyclist, wearing glasses on the road or on the track is essential for for reasons of comfort and safety. It is’is never pleasant to wear’to have the sun in the eyes when’you are pedaling or’you practice an activity. This exposes your pupils to ultraviolet rays, which are very dangerous for your health. Too much exposure to UV rays can cause ophthalmia, irritation or damage to the eye’œit.

In addition, the rays can obstruct your vision and cause a shock or an accident. It only takes a few seconds of’glare so that the rider can see clearly’an accident occurs in traffic.

Wearing glasses is also practical to ensure your protection against bad weather. C’is a fact, nature is fickle. Even if you regularly check the weather forecast before each outing, you can't always control the weather. You may be surprised by a rainstorm or thunderstorm when you ride’an exit.

In these conditions, the projections of water are more likely to fall’The muddy water of other road users can be a danger for him/her if he/she gets wet’he does not wear glasses.

Finally, the glasses allow you to Protect yourself from small projectiles and insects. When’you pedal, especially at high speed or downhill, you can receive projectiles (gravel, bits of wood) and insects in the eyes. With glasses, you'll be able to cope with these inconveniences.

How to care for your cycling glasses ?

Just like other cycling equipment, glasses need to be maintained and cleaned’They should be maintained and cleaned in order to play their role fullyôthe. You must also know how to protect them to avoid damaging them.

Any’first, your glasses must be Keep them in a case to prevent them from being damaged’they get scratched or that’they break when they fall. Regarding the design’For maintenance, simply run the glasses under water’It is recommended to use hot water to remove all dirt and greasy marks. Avoid especially d’Do not use dishwashing liquid or detergent, otherwise you risk to damage your shoes’damage your lenses.

Then, tap gently in the palm of your hands to remove the excess of water’water. To finish the’operation, use a cloth’a clean microfiber cloth to dry the lenses. A hair dryer in cold mode can also be used.

Some tips for choosing the right pair of bicycle glasses

Before choosing the glasses of bicycle, it is necessary to take into account several criteria to know :

  • the level of protection of the lenses,
  • comfort and safety’ergonomics of the’equipment,
  • the design.

The level of protection of glasses

The color of the lenses determines their level of protection. The more tinted they are, the higher their resistance to light. There are A rating of 0 to 4 which makes it possible to’to evaluate the tint and the filtration of the luminosity of these equipments.

There is everything from’first category 0. If there is’The glasses are clear or very slightly tinted with a very low filtration percentage of luminosity (between 0 and 19%). This type of’This accessory is recommended for bad weather (rainy or very cloudy) or when it is dark. Therefore, it is not allowed to use the lens’use it during the day.

In category 1, the lens is slightly tinted, but the light filtration rate is quite low, below 60%. It is very practical to protect the eyes during the rides by cloudy or weak sunny weather. C’The color of the lenses determines their level of protection and the type of lens used’you need when’there is fog.

cycling equipment glasses

In category 2, the glass is tinted with a filtration percentage between 58% and 82%. It is recommended for summer walks and during the summer months’Fall or spring.

For In category 3, the lens has a dark brown or tan tint. Most cyclists use this accessory, which filters out between 83% and 92% of the light. It is very practical for very sunny days.

Finally, category 4 includes highly tinted models, and the glass filters more than 95% of the light. It is not recommended to use a goggle’To use on a bike. This equipment is mostly used in the mountains where UV rays are very strong and in sports such as swimming’mountaineering or boating.

The comfort and’ergonomics of the’equipment

To be comfortable when cycling, you should choose comfortable and light glasses. Your ride can last several hours and you'll be able to enjoy your time on the road’you would not like to find yourself with a cumbersome or disturbing accessory. Make sure that the glasses are in good condition’How to choose the right equipment to fit your face in order to benefit from’optimal protection on the eyesôtés.

Also check that the temples are not too short or too long for your ears.

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