May 25, 2024

How to get a food truck at home for a event

How to have a food truck at home for an event ?

Widely used today, the adoption of food trucks is no longer to be demonstrated. It is not uncommon to see them stationed on certain street corners offering various hot or cold dishes and their dishes are in high demand. Also, it is even possible to get a food truck at home for the organization of your events such as weddings, birthdays, etc. If you wish to be better equipped on the subject, this article will surely be useful to you. We'll tell you not only about the benefits they offer, but also about their rental costs.

We will also guide you on how to go about renting a food truck at home to surprise your guests.

Why choose a food truck at home instead of a caterer ?

The dazzling success of food trucks is undoubtedly linked to the many advantages they offer. So, opting for the services of a food truck at home for your event could be one of the best choices you could make. Apart from the originality of the idea, it changes you from the traditional caterer and offers you quality services and very often a home cooking, it should not be forgotten that behind the stoves of these mobile kitchens passionate people have in heart to treat you.

To know everything about food truck, you have to know that’they offer a wide range of culinary and original choices depending on the chef's particulars and the event. It allows you to discover original flavors, inspired by foreign cuisine, while enjoying a good meal’a unique experience. Food trucks go far beyond the simple image of fast food and take-out offering meals on the go.

If you choose the services of an in-home food truck, choose the chef carefully to ensure that you get the best possible service’being assured of the quality of the proposed dishes. Pay attention for example to the’use fresh products, ideally local products in accordance with the specialty of their dishes. Believe me, a hamburger and fresh fries, it's not enough’there is nothing better !

The flexibility of renting’a food truck

Since time is a key factor in the organization of an event, food trucks can help you since their reservation time is very short. Thanks to their mobility and the use of seasonal products, they can put everything together in no time. But be careful on wedding weekends (spring-summer) and end of year parties’Since food trucks are becoming very popular every year, you'll have to book them early if you want to reserve one for these periods.

Another advantage of a foodtruck is its flexibility. Whether it is to take into account new specificities such as the number of guests, the location or the day of the event, foodtrucks have no problem to modify their plans if the delay is reasonable. They will even take into account the constraints and dietary habits of the guests and prepare according to them, for example if you are vegan or vegetarian, the chef will be able to help you’You will have to choose from a wide range of food trucks to suit your taste buds.

In addition to the many advantages they offer, the cost of renting a food truck is very reasonable food truck at home is less expensive. It will be financially profitable for you especially if your event gathers a large number of people. It could cost you up to three times less than what you would have to spend for a normal catering service.

And it considerably reduces the risk of poor quality service.

How to rent a food truck at home for an event ?

To rent a food truck for your event, nothing could be easier ! Everything will start from you: your desires, your guests, the theme created;

Many online platforms listing food trucks exist, but you can also look at what is done around you, most have accounts on social networks or dedicated websites. You will have to choose among the different types of food trucks’What type of food truck should you choose : pizzeria, thai food, bagel and other sandwiches or even pancakes ? And for the choice of meats: beef, duck, poultry, lamb, pork ? Or rather stay on fish like salmon ? The question of side dishes also arises, if you want to enjoy quality food and’you need to bring some salad or chips. As long as questions that’you will have to anticipate and respond so that everything is perfect.

You will also have to ask yourself if, despite the original side of the food-truck, you want to stay on a formula of appetizer and cocktail or plan a meal as such (with cheese and desserts for example), so that you don't have to worry about the price of the food’be more hungry.

So many questions to which you will have to provide answers but for which the chef will be able to guide you. You will be able to choose according to the type of food you want to eat’offer proposed. However, make sure that the chef cooks fresh products in order to benefit from the flexibility of the food truck. The question of the side dishes is also raised, if you want to treat your guests to a quality cuisine.

You will then be able to contact them, express your wishes and you will receive a detailed estimate containing the price but especially the menus that will make the gourmet that you are salivate !

How much does it cost to rent a food truck at home ?

The cost of renting a food truck at home is relatively affordable. It is fixed according to the dishes to be served, the number of guests, but also your country. If you want to rent a food truck in Belgium or in France, the cost usually varies between 10 and 25 € per person and will take into account both the cost of the food and the service’The price of the food truck depends on the number of meals, the purchase of the raw materials, the cooking and the service.

As for the caterers, the price will be degressive according to the number of meals’The number of guests can be adjusted, but there may be additional factors such as the number of guests, the location or the day of the event’addition of coffee or other beverages’alcohol. The distance is also a factor to take into account. The convenience of having the restaurant come to your home is motivating more and more cooks to start their own food truck.

How much does it cost to rent a foodtruck at home?

Which type of food truck to choose ?

There are several types of food trucks and choosing the right one for you could be a real dilemma. If you have a limited budget, you can choose a hamburger, pizza or hot dog food truck. For those with a sweet tooth, opt for an ice cream truck or ham and French fries cones.

Again, everything starts from you and your guests, taking into account the theme that will be given to the event’event, for example if the’Whether the atmosphere is vintage or more modern, the food-truck to be preferred will not be the same. What also makes a sensation is the’One of the most important aspects of the food trucks is the "Bistronomic" side of the food trucks, combining bistro and gastronomic cuisine to offer simple but succulent dishes that have been reworked to be more appealing to the palate’sublimate the flavors.

To conclude, the food truck is an alternative with significant advantages. If this is the first time you're treating yourself to a food truck at home, this will undoubtedly be a very nice experience. You could even adopt this style for your next events. Remember to choose wisely the one that suits you best and you won't be disappointed !

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