April 23, 2024

Testicular Pilation Techniques and Tips for Men

Testicular hair removal: techniques and tips for men

Male hair removal is becoming more democratic, whether it’s legs, torso or back, it’s spreading to the whole body. And testicles are no exception ! Why wax your private parts ? Which technique to use ? We answer your questions and even give you some shaving tips.

Why no more hair on the private parts ?

For the’aesthetic

For aesthetic reasons, not having hair on the intimate parts has become a way of life. The trend is to look “cleaner” and more groomed if you are waxed. Men may also simply want to please their spouse and make the shave more comfortable enhance their value image.

For sexuality

Other reasons push men today to remove hair from their testicles: sexuality. As an erogenous zone and a shared pleasure zone, waxed testicles are more pleasant for your partner during sex. In addition, since hair retains bacteria and body odors, removing it is much more hygienic hygienic and also allows to make a cleaner intimate toilet.

Solutions for shaving your testicles

Special clippers

As the testicles are a particularly sensitive and delicate area to depilate, choosing the right equipment is essential.
Some brands sell men’s clippers specially designed for intimate parts: adapted cutting head, anti-cutting microblades, etc. However, as it is not a hair removal, trimming hair simply allows to To reduce volume and not to eradicate your hair.

Depilatory cream for the testicles

Depilatory cream for the testicles is a good option for men who are a little sensitive: completely painless, this technique allows you to remove hair from the testicles without any problemget smooth, soft skin in just a few minutes. However, hair regrowth occurs 3 or 4 days after hair removal. Test the cream (such as the special Veet Men sensitive skin cream also available in the form of a box for men with a subscription) on another small part of your body (to prevent skin reactions: irritation, itching, etc.).).

Never exceed the application time and rinse your skin well (use the spatula or an exfoliating sponge in the shower).

How to shave your testicles safely ?

Take a shower before shaving’hair removal

As for the rest of the body, it is highly recommended to take a razor to shave hot shower before waxing or shaving, or put a hot towel on (or around) the area to be waxed.
This way, the hair is softened by the heat and shaving is easier and more pleasant. You can then apply a shaving gel to protect and soothe the skin and make the shave more comfortable.

Cut the lengths with scissors

Don’t hesitate to cut the lengths with scissors. Shaving is much easier and faster on short hair, which collects less between the razor blades. Reducing the length will make your shaving experience easier.

Be careful with the blades

Choose razors “body especially (for the body). Also prefer blades adapted to the testicles sensitive skin and hard-to-reach areas. Remember to stretch your skin with your fingers to avoid going over a fold and inflicting a painful cut.

testicle hair removal for men

Moisturize the skin after the waxing’testicle hair removal

Once you’ve finished shaving, your testicles are rinsed and soft, apply a moisturizing and soothing solution to your private parts. Be careful, dry your skin well so as not to apply the lotion on a micro-cut for example (stinging or irritation).

Remember that you should take your time and not rush because the intimate parts are very sensitive areas. To continue taking care of yourself, discover our selection and advice on body care for men.

Everything you need to know for successful hair removal

As you can imagine, if you do a little research on the web, the advice you need to get the best results from these clippers is very simple’There is no shortage of alternatives to removing testicles, on the contrary ! However, if you want to be able to put all the chances on your side for a successful hair removal for men, then you should not be afraid to ask for domestic help during a hospitalization’It is a matter of taking care of yourself’In fact, what can a household help do?’it is’also acts of s’If you are looking to remove hair from your testicles, another intimate part, or even another part of your body, you should not take this subject lightly.

Thus, it can be said that when it comes to HAH, it’s not just a matter of taking care of yourself’s a matter of’hair removal, this can sometimes give rise to some discussion among men, but it is always important to turn to information from professionals to make a firm decision… In this way, we could only encourage you to read the men’s hair removal page of this website: it will simply allow you to better understand how it is concretely possible to remove hair as a man’man, with well-defined prices. Whatever your budget, you are bound to find a solution for hair removal !

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