May 25, 2024

Hospitalization at home why ask for a household help

Hospitalization at home: why ask for a housekeeper ?

Hospitalization is a complex process that implies heavy responsibilities, whether it is for the patient or the family’It is important for the hospital, the patient in question, but also for the patient’s relatives who have to leave it to the hospital’hospital. This is one of the reasons why hospitalization at home, sometimes called HAD, was created. Moreover, as the hospital situation in France is not in good shape, hospitalization at home can really be a very good solution for patients.

However, there is a lot to know about hospitalization at home, which is a resource-intensive medical procedure.

C’This is the case of the home help, since the patient hospitalized at home will not be able to take care of the maintenance of his home.

Why ask for a home help during a hospitalization at home ?

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why ask for domestic help during a home hospitalization. L’The maintenance of the house and the dwelling is something essential, and during a hospitalization at home, it can be very complicated to have a good maintenance of the dwelling. However, with Helpling, you can easily get a housekeeper during an AHH.

This application allows you to easily book a housekeeper online, by scheduling the arrival of a highly qualified housekeeper.

The household help offered by this application can also be paid after the services rendered, with of course an advance payment before the service is rendered. It is also important to have regular housekeeping help for hygienic reasons, but also for the health of the hospitalized patient at home. Indeed, having a clean, airy, dust-free home will not worsen the case of the patient in question.

We will also see later that under certain conditions, you can benefit from state aid for this household help.

Finally, it is also important to note that homemaking also provides a bit of a social side to the hospitalized patient. If the patient has to see a doctor on a regular basis, seeing a housekeeper and being able to talk to her can also bring some comfort.

What tasks can a household help perform ?

It is important to specify that a housekeeper is not limited to the role of a cleaning lady. Let’s just say that this role is most common when a person is hospitalized at home, and already has the support of a doctor and his or her family. But the housekeeper can also be a real ally for the patient, whether it is in the home or in the officehelp with meals, to the preparation of these, but also in the’accompaniment of activities, for example, to do the shopping.

But that’s not all, because the housekeeper can also physically help the hospitalized patient at home. This assistance can be characterized by the fact of carrying out the toilet of the patient, by giving him his shower for example.

What is the rate for this service ?

When we talk about home help, it is logical to ask the question of the price of this service. It is important to distinguish that the fee for a house cleaning service is not the same as for a home cleaning service, for example. It is therefore estimated that for a housekeeper to maintain the home, the rate can potentially vary between 25 and 35 euros per hour, depending of course, the qualifications of the housekeeper in question.

It is estimated that the price will be cheaper if you use a housekeeper working in an agency. Also note that you can benefit from the state tax credit, and therefore reduce your expenses in this area by 50%.

What is the fee for this service?

Is there any assistance ?

Yes, there are possible aids to be reimbursed for a part of the costs you will spend to have access to a domestic help. The first aid available with Helpling is the tax credit. It consists in being reimbursed 50% of your expenses in the domestic help the year following these expenses.

It is also possible to benefit from a state aid, if you wish to have recourse to a domestic help, that you are more than 65 years old, and that your pension does not exceed 870 euros monthly.

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