June 20, 2024

The 3 Lacoste clothing collaborations that will make history

The 3 collaborations with Lacoste clothes that will mark the story

Lacoste, a brand of clothing whose reputation is notorious, is a great place to start’is more to do. It stands out for its simple and classy style and its timeless little crocodile on the chest. Men's and women's clothing, originally designed for the tennis courts but now available in a variety of colors’today adapted to everyday life.

Find out how the brand s’ink in the’era with trendy collaborations.

Lacoste and Mickey Mouse collaboration

In November 2018, the most famous mouse celebrated its 90 years of’existence. Indeed, Mickey Mouse, the creation of Walt Disney blew out its candles to the delight of Disney fans but also brands that were numerous to offer thematic collections on the’universe of the famous mouse.

Among them, Lacoste proposed us a whole range of products, clothes, shoes and bags, replacing for the era of Disney the traditional ones’The famous crocodile was replaced by the no less famous mouse. A rather sporty Mickey however because he was then armed with rackets or visors very common in the field of tennis, even Minnie had the right to its moment of glory with the Lacoste capsule collection.

A high-end collection that allows many people to get Disney clothes while s’away from the’a little childish and too colorful aspect of the name’universe. This collection has undoubtedly left its mark and was particularly useful for travelling to Disney parks around the world.

A capsule collection Lacoste x Opening Ceremony

In spring 2019, a new ephemeral collection comes to blow a wind of modernity in the Lacoste collections. The Opening Ceremony capsule collection creates a sportswear range worthy of’integrate your everyday wardrobe. The Lacoste brand comes here to sublimate the creations of the American brand created in 2002 by artists Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the emblematic crocodile is then embroidered with the thread of the brand’The collection is made of gold and comes to adorn the creations as a brooch integrated into the garment and 100% chic.

Lacoste thus takes up the codes of the brand Opening Ceremony: breaking the expected and mixing genres. Between chic and casual, loose-fitting and body-hugging, city and sport, while retaining its original identity with polo shirts and clothes reminiscent of tennis courts. The collection is available both in the classic physical stores and on the online shop since the month of December’April 2019.

You can already find the new generation Lacoste polo shirts.

The Lacoste x Supreme range

It is not’It's only been a few years that the brand Supreme has landed in France, the designers have made their entrance in the capital of fashion with a store in Paris but also two sensational capsule collections: Louis Vuitton and Lacoste. A real return to the sources for the brand with the crocodile which was able to find its classic tracksuits and caps black red, white, black, green and navy. The collection also came to complete its offer of lined jackets and V-neck sweaters perfect for a chic clientele see BCBG (bon chic bon genre) very Parisian.

In 2018, a new collaboration between the two brands gave birth to a capsule collection between Lacoste Live and Supreme. A more retro style was then the key word of this collaboration with wool jackets, nylon tracksuits, slightly oversized and unisex sweatshirts but also and of course the eternal polo shirts – in velvet this time, just like the canvas or nylon caps they too. In this capsule collection, pastel colors were put forward but also original colors like green or orange.

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