June 20, 2024

How to wear original socks

How to wear original socks ?

If you are a fan of fashion accessories, then you probably know that the secret is to know how to wear them well. Indeed, even if you have the most beautiful, stylish and trendy accessories in your wardrobe, they will be of no use if you don’t match them properly. This principle is also valid for socks.

Let’s see how to to wear original socks.

Socks: a trendy accessory often neglected

Socks are fashion accessories that unfortunately have lost some of their popularity over the years. Some time ago, we used to wear them on everything and anything, all year round. But today, with the new dress codes and trends, it is sometimes difficult to find socks that fit our style and our desires.

In fact, when choosing your socks, you must now take into account their color, patterns, length, etc. Which explains why many people simply prefer to do without. However, we must recognize that today, fashionistas seem to rediscover the importance of socks for a trendy and original look.

More and more brands and clothing manufacturers are specializing in the manufacture of all kinds of socks. For example, you can find original socks for women from Kindy, but also articles for men.

How to properly wear colored socks ?

The colored socks are currently in fashion. You can find them for people of all ages, for men and women. But be careful to make the right choice when wearing them, because otherwise you risk falling into bad taste.

You must therefore make sure to find models and colors that go well with your clothes and other accessories.

The choice of color

Wearing colored socks is a rather daring choice, even risky, because the marriage of colors is not always obvious. That’s why we usually choose colors like black or night blue for socks. But if you want to wear original socks with bright and varied colors, you must first make the right choices.

It is simply impossible to wear a pair of colorful socks at random. In principle, there are several possible combinations, depending on the color of your outfit. However, to make it easier and to avoid taste mistakes, the best is to associate the color of the socks with another piece of your outfit.

Then for the rest, you stay in sober tones not to do too much.

The choice of the color

If you’re more of a daring type, and you like to stand out, you can make a more daring choice. It is indeed possible to wear socks with a color that is in total disagreement with the rest of the outfit. Here, the only principle to respect is to make sure that the outfit is in sober tones such as brown, gray or khaki.

Then for the socks you can start on red, orange, etc.

Patterned socks ?

For wear original socks, you must also learn to choose the patterns of this accessory. The rules to respect are the same as for the choice of clothes to wear. So, you must avoid putting, for example, socks with polka dots, with a striped top.

Apart from this detail to take into account, for the rest you can choose the patterns that interest you according to your desires.

There is also a brand new style of original design for this accessory: 3D printed. Then don’t hesitate to try it !

Which socks for which shoes ?

If you have difficulty in wear original socks Because you are wondering which ones to choose for each type of shoes, then you are not alone in this case. This question has long been a real headache for fashionistas. But, today, we all agree that :

  • High socks are for high top sneakers or converse
  • Mid-calf socks can be worn with different types of city shoes
  • The low socks or socks are reserved for sports shoes like tennis shoes.

Moreover, knowing how to wear stylish and trendy socks is also knowing how to maintain them. Indeed, just as it is essential to take care of your clothes, you must also take care of your socks so that they remain beautiful and comfortable longer.

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