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Berberine and its benefits against diabetes

Berberine and its benefits against diabetes

Among the most recently studied natural substances is berberine. It is’acts of’a powerful substance, mostly sold in the form of food supplements, which has several advantages for the prevention of tooth decay’organism. The use of berberine berberine is generally recommended against diabetes to reduce the level of sugar in the blood.

Also, berberine has many other health benefits when used in conjunction with other cosmetics’it favors, for example, the regulation of the cardiovascular system. We invite you to discover, through this article, what it is to relax’It is not only berberine but also the benefits of this substance for the health’and in particular its virtues in the treatment of diabetes.

Qu’Is berberine ?

Berberine is a natural substance of the alkaloid category containing several molecules that can be found in the. It is mainly found in the’berberine is found in several plant species such as goldenseal and’hydraste. The characteristic elements that make it possible to recognize berberine are, among others, its very bitter taste or its yellow color.

To know everything about berberine and its benefits for the health of the human body’It is important to identify this enzyme’identify the’origin of its use in medicine. In fact, the first experiments carried out on berberine in medicine date back several centuries. The Chinese pharmacopoeia s’It was mainly used for its antidepressant property’anti-inflammatory, of’antibacterial and anti-inflammatory’antifungal.

Still today’Today, berberine is used for its virtues in traditional Chinese medicine but also in Ayurvedic medicine in India.

For several decades, several scientific researches have been carried out on berberine berberine s essential enzyme, berberine is an anti-inflammatory agent that has been shown to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels’human organism. Most of these experiments and the results that came out of them have helped to consolidate the thesis that berberine acts on blood sugar levels.

Berberine and diabetes: what benefits ?

It is necessary to know that diabetes (type 2 diabetes to be precise) is a disease that is characterized by hyperglycemia of the blood’is a high level of glucose in the blood, which is abnormal.

Fortunately, there are several plants, such as ginseng, which is considered an anti-diabetes plant, and whose use in the treatment of obesity has been shown to be effective’Berberine has a positive effect in the fight against diabetes’is more to prove. The conclusive results of scientific experiments on berberine also confirm that this substance can considerably reduce blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes.

In fact, an experiment was carried out on 116 diabetics. These patients were given 1 gram of berberine for half a year; the scientists then noticed that the glucose level in the blood of these patients considerably decreased from 7 to 5.5 mol per liter.

Moreover, theoretically, this is how berberine acts in the body’organism of diabetic people. When’it is ingested in the mouth’s body and that’When it passes through the small intestine, the blood absorbs it’When it passes the small intestine, the blood absorbs the berberine and transports it to the different cells of the human body. Berberine then acts only on an important enzyme of the body’The APMK is an enzyme called Adenosine Monophosphate Activated Protein Kinase, abbreviated to APMK.

Indeed, this enzyme has the role of regulating the production of glucose’energy by the’s body but it also favors the abdomen’increase and control the rate of obesity’It is mainly found in hyperglycemia in the blood’Body. Berberine acts on the body but also favors the development of the immune system’APMK to stimulate the regulation of blood glucose levels, which helps fight diabetes.

Berberine and diabetes: what benefits?

What are the other benefits of berberine ?

Thanks to its action on the’APMK, berberine has proven its benefits in the treatment of diabetes. However, this action of berberine on the blood sugar level is more than proven’berberine is one of the body’s essential enzymes that gives it a positive effect on blood sugar levels’other benefits besides the treatment of diabetes.

In fact, many doctors prescribe dietary supplements such as berberine for patients wishing to lose weight. Berberine acts on the body’It is a natural substance that helps the APMK enzyme to transform glucose and lipids contained in the blood into cellular energy to prevent the storage of fats in the tissues of the arteries and blood vessels’abdomen. Berberine is therefore a natural substance that allows to treat overweight and obesity problems’obesity.

Also, Berberine has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Indeed, thanks to its action of regulation of the ovulation, it is possible to tell her everything’In addition to lowering blood pressure, berberine helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Diabetics and obese people are generally known to be more prone to develop these types of pathologies.

The berberine protects the heart and its components by helping to balance blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Berberine is also a natural antifungal substance as well as the undecylenic acid contained in the’castor oil for example. It is used to treat diseases caused by parasitic fungi. The intake of berberine is thus recommended in the treatment of mycoses.

Ultimately, berberine is a natural substance of high quality’berberine is a plant origin whose virtues have been known and exploited for several years. The benefits of this substance allow to fight against diabetes but also against overweight problems. Berberine also protects the cardiovascular system and limits the risks of diseases affecting the heart or blood vessels.

It is also used in the treatment of mycoses and other microbial pathologies thanks to its property of’antifungal and antiseptic properties’antibacterial.

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