May 25, 2024

How to match your tie Our tips for pairing it with the perfect shirt

How to match your tie ? Our tips for the’to match the perfect shirt

The choice of your clothing is very important on a daily basis. The color of your clothing reflects a part of your personality and your style while sending a strong message to your entourage and to your different interlocutors: professionalism, seriousness, confidence, relaxation, etc. A must-have accessory for a neat and elegant look, discover all our tips to match your tie with the perfect shirt.

How to match your tie and shirt ?

Marry the colors

To choose the perfect tie and match it effectively with your shirt, there is nothing like to marry their colors in the same shade. In general, the tie is darker than the shirt although this is not a general rule. To put on a blue shirt, choose a tie in darker tones (dark blue) or with close colors, such as purple or green with blue.
Mark your style with a complementary tie color The color of your shirt can be chosen to match or contrast with the color of your shirt: a burgundy or charcoal gray tie with a navy blue suit will be most effective. Attention, for more elegance and to match your colors easily, select ties with a pattern good quality fabrics.

Matching an original tie to break the strictness of a shirt

If you wear a strict or sober shirt and you want to break this impression, do not hesitate to match it with a tie original and offbeat tie ! As a key piece of your outfit, your tie will bring a touch of lightness and casualness to your look.
With a plain shirt, prefer patterned ties (stripes, checks, polka dots, etc.).), of two or more colors, which contrast with the simplicity of the outfit. Let your imagination run wild and allow yourself a little fantasy ! Wooden fashion accessories are not recommended’elsewhere super trendy right now. Very nice to wear, ties and bow ties made of wood or cork give your style a real added value, striking and elegant.

What type of shirt to match your tie ?

With a plain shirt

Wrinkled clothes give a sloppy look. It is therefore essential to know how to properly iron your shirt. Clean and well ironed, your clothes showcase a neat, elegant and respectable style that inspires confidence and attention from those around you.

Plain shirts are the easier to match A sober style with a plain and colored tie (avoid tone on tone) or a more pronounced style with a patterned tie, colorful and totally unique.
Depending on the context, you can afford all kinds of colors and patterns with a plain shirt. We avoid fancy and flashy colors to go to a professional meeting, but we dare the originality and mixtures of shades for festive evenings.

With a striped shirt

With a striped shirt (black or colored), you can just as easily wear a burgundy or dark brown tie, plain or patterned, with a dark blazer, slim jeans and dress shoes for a modern, elegant and not too classic style.
The patterned ties (polka dots, thicker stripes or even checks) go well with a striped shirt. The main thing is not to have patterns too big or too marked. There’s nothing like trying on several looks to determine which one suits you best under the circumstances and which one will make you look best.

Ties to match with a patterned shirt

With a patterned shirt, the plain tie remains the most obvious and effective combination. Based on these values, you will only have to determine the color and fabric most suitable for your situation (professional, leisure, etc.).) and your style. Superimposing too many patterns can quickly lose you in an incomprehensible clothing style.

Which may also make you lose credibility, especially.
If you have to choose your wedding suit one day, you should know that you can layering patterns With a tie, you will be able to wear your shirt in your trousers, respecting a size scale (the patterns of the shirt must be smaller than those of the tie), to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Small fashion accessory that makes all the difference in your style, the tie must be perfectly matched to your outfit for a remarkable effect.

Knowing how to wear a long sleeve shirt correctly

Long sleeve shirts are a must-have for all men’s wardrobes. However, you must know how to wear your long-sleeved shirt with style, whether it is associated with a tie, a bow tie or even suspenders.

It is important to know some rules of style to respect:

  • The buttons connecting the sides of the collar should be closed’a shirt should never be pulled
  • The seam on the sleeves must mark your shoulder
  • When the collar is closed at the neck, there should be a gap of 2 fingers between the neck and the collar to not be too tight
  • Sleeves should always cover the wrists without partially covering the palms.

How to tuck in your shirt ?

This is a question that few people know the answer to. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt fits according to the different events. It will be necessary to tuck it or not into the pants depending on the level of importance of the’occasion.

With a low liquette, you can fit your shirt in the pants. With a straight cut in the front and back, it should not be tucked in.

How to roll a long sleeve shirt ?

One way to wear your long sleeve shirt in style is to roll up the sleeves. It may seem a bit paradoxical but you will be delighted with this technique. In any case, it is necessary to remove the button on the wrists to avoid the risk of breaking them.

For a small manual task, you can fold your sleeves roughly towards your elbow. You can make two or three folds according to your desires.

For more style, you need to perform the same action but precisely. You’ll use the wrist seam as a benchmark. Then fold your sleeves in equal portions up to the elbow’above the elbow.

The last solution is to simply roll up your sleeves in one go. It will give a more casual look.

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