April 23, 2024

How to have an arty decoration with photographs

How to have an arty decoration with photographs ?

In the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the office… No matter what room they are placed in, the œworks of art’art give the watch its cachet and elegance’elegance to the whole house. And arty decoration is at the forefront of the trend. D’There are countless choices and possibilities elsewhere.

More commonly known as « pop art », the trend of arty decoration is a mix between vintage elements and, œworks of art’art and acid colors. But how to create an arty decor from photographs ?

Canvas photos: a must-have trend for creating an arty decor

Since its invention in the nineteenth century, photography continues to reinvent itself. Art in its own right, It emphasizes the côa cosy atmosphere of your interior. Great trend in the world of photography, photos on canvas seduce individuals and professionals.

A photo on canvas : c’What is it ?

The photo on canvas is a new technique for developing photographs. Concretely, the photo on canvas uses a solid wood frame and a polyester, linen or cotton canvas. To erase all the defects of the surface, the support is coated with a special coating’a thin layer of glue.

With a simply magnificent rendering, a canvas photo for the home is a splendid decoration idea. The photo on canvas is also printed with special inks to ensure vibrant colors. The technique of’The printing technique used for a photo on canvas results in a a high quality and high resolution image.

This technique allows you to create photos:

  • original,
  • very detailed,
  • to the well asserted colors,
  • very resistant in time.

Which photo canvas to choose for an arty decor ?

The photo on canvas allows you to’to display your most beautiful photos. This accessory has the’The technique has the advantage to be declined:

  • in several types of canvas,
  • in several sizes,
  • in a wide range of finishes.

Concerning the types of canvas for example, you have the choice between :

  • the simple canvas,
  • the mixed-media canvas,
  • the canvas to be posed,
  • the American case.

Many people seem to have a preference for photography the jumbled canvas. This type of canvas is both design and authentic. It is’acts as a’a collage of several photos. The Mix’n’Match canvas can accommodate several formats of photos. D’elsewhere, it comes in several sizes that can accommodate 30 photos (or more).

Very trendy, the American box is also very popular for the floating frame that it can be used for’it offers. It gives cachet to your photography.

As for the format, I recommend the panoramic canvas photo in rectangular format for travel photos. The square format s’It is more suitable for a portrait. The size and the’The thicknesses of the photos depend essentially on the room in which the photo on canvas will be installed.

The classic version of 1.8 cm’thickness will fit perfectly in a living room. If you plan to put it in a small room, it is better to choose a size below the size of the canvas.

Arty decoration and photo canvas: and why not a personalization ?

Yes, it is quite possible to personalize the photo on canvas. Indeed, the’idea is to’associate your arty decor with a touch of personalization. This personalization is a must’proves to be’It is very simple, and can go from cropping the photo to the final result’to the choice of the format and the type of support, while passing by the’thickness of the frame.

For create an arty decor, choose colorful and textured canvas photos. Punchy colors will be welcome for example for photos on canvas arty. In this category, we find yellow, blue, green and yellow’orange.

One thing is sure: a canvas photo adds cachet and enhances your interior with an arty style. Its personal aspect, added to its artistic character, makes it a perfect choice for any living room’It is an object of interest’art in its own right.

Add retro and vintage photographs

Decorative objects with a vintage style s’A photo on canvas: it fits perfectly in an arty decor. Between offbeat humor and bold imagery, you can decorate your walls with photographs more or less unusual. We quote for example:

  • illustrations of comics,
  • street art,
  • from œworks with geometric shapes.

Each of these ideas perfectly reflects the’image of’an arty decor.

The pop art illustrations and floral patterns also highlight the arty style. Otherwise, images of landscapes and landscapes of the world’animals or a few photographs on the theme of travel will be matched with the rest of the decoration. You can even use your children’s drawings.

Note: when’it s’If you want to integrate photographs into an arty decor, you must have the right idea’a liberated spirit and a touch of arty’bold.

Think carefully about how you display your photos

To create an arty decoration, the small details count a lot. To single out one or more photos, for example, it is possible to decorate them in a different way’use authentic frames. With this in mind, the American box gives you the opportunity to choose from different colors for its floating frame: white, black or brown.

L’The place where you intend to hang your photographs is d’all the more important. Some will choose to display them in the living room. D’Others will prefer more of a’They will have privacy and will hang them in their room.

D’On the other hand, photographs hung in the kitchen or on a staircase are also very trendy for an arty style.

For a successful arty decoration mix and match art styles from different eras as desired. N’don’t hesitate to accumulate frames on your walls. Above all, dare to break the codes of Christmas’Others will prefer a sober and monochrome decoration with a mix of unlikely colors.

Photographs with geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are one of the characteristics of the arty style. C’This is why you have the’You can even use the place where you intend to hang your photographs is the place where you will be able to play with them to create a decoration that looks like you. For example, diversify as much as possible the geometrical shapes of your photo frames. Round, rectangular, square… All forms are welcome !

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