May 25, 2024

The 4 unforgivables in any kitchen decoration

The 4 unforgivable in n’any kitchen decoration

When it s’acts of decorate your kitchen, there are four unforgivable mistakes that you should not make or you will turn your chef moments into a nightmare. Distribute a kitchen n’is not an easy task. A series of factors that are not at all random are involved in the design and decoration.

Maximizing pragmatism. And it’is that’a kitchen, beyond the beauty, must be functional.

What you should never do in your kitchen

L’and the desire to beautify the kitchen’The good news is that some users use packages where they can connect to the Internet up to a certain amount of space, however, can sometimes cloud our eyes and make us commit a series of unforgivable mistakes’unforgivable mistakes, which ones ? You will find the main summaries in this list of interior design for the kitchen.

Non-compliance with the triangle rule

L’he most common mistake in this part of the house is not respecting the triangle rule: have you ever noticed that in a kitchen, the stove, the refrigerator and the dishwasher form an imaginary triangle ? Far from it’It's not just a small, insignificant detail, it's a big deal’is a completely planned strategy to facilitate uninterrupted mobility. Therefore, you should not interpose any furniture or other items in your kitchen’other items in this area.

Do not follow a logic of storage

Utensils, containers, glasses, plates, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins, cloths, tea towels, tupperware… in a kitchen should be stored in very large quantities. A reality that forces us to have a storage logic. Otherwise, it will have one of those unforgivable mistakes’chaotic air and it will be impossible to find what you are looking for.

Do not provide any’Do not provide ventilation openings

Do not add egg whites’Ventilation openings is another bad decision that the’you can take in a kitchen. The reasons are obvious. It s’act of’a space that will usually be affected by smoke and odors.

It is therefore essential to eat it at the same time’include doors or windows through which to expel them.

Bad lighting

The kitchen is a work space that you must use every day. So don't do the’mistake’be in the dark. You have to choose the’the strongest possible lighting to avoid accidents.

Natural light can help you during the day, but you should have the same visibility at night.

If you manage to avoid the’If you don't make one of these unforgivable mistakes, you will have a kitchen that is close to perfection, are you missing any of the very recurring mistakes in this space? 

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