July 19, 2024

These strange habits that we adopt with the electronic cigarette

These strange habits that we adopt with the electronic cigarette

Currently, the electronic cigarette is a real hit in France. For many of us, it could replace the classic cigarette and allowed many smokers to say stop smoking. For the others, it is simply the fun and pleasure of vaping that attracted them to the specialized stores.

Nevertheless, we have to admit that the vapoteurs have taken some strange habits.

Choose unlikely flavors

The electronic cigarette works on a very simple principle. A resistance comes to vaporize a flavored liquid which is located in a tank. The steam is sucked by a nozzle.

It is a very simple instrument and very easy to use. The fragrances offered in the stores and on the websites of online stores are always very amazing. For example, for the summer, there will be a range of e liquid dlice in cocktail flavors.

Some people’s e-liquid shelves look a bit like Maria Carrey’s nail polish closet.

To have all its material in triple

The biggest fear of the vapoteur is to lack of battery to activate the resistance. This is why most electronic cigarette enthusiasts never go out without some refills or spare parts to deal with a possible failure. Sometimes it is quite impressive to see vapers arrive at a restaurant with a bag or pouch full of material only dedicated to the e cigarette.

They can change a resistance or a tank in only a few seconds.

Vaporize anywhere

Other strange habit of the vapoteur The most important thing is to use your electronic cigarette wherever you want, since it is allowed everywhere with a few exceptions. Some people use it in the bathroom, for example, when they didn’t particularly smoke there before. This is simply because the steam disappears almost instantly and does not leave an unpleasant taste in the air.

It is used everywhere.

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