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Best brands for men –

The best brands for men

For the choice of men’s clothing, it is important to take into account the material that was used to manufacture them. Men’s clothing brands don’t use the same material and therefore don’t have the same brand awareness. Some brands are even far from reliable.

That’s why you need to know the best brands, in order to make the right choice.

The best fashion brands for men

Gentlemen, here is for you, a small selection of best fashion brands for the male gender !


The brand Superdry is one of the favorite brands for men, because of its quality. There are several models of this brand. Thus, it offers Sweatshirts and T-shirts, the Superdry Upstate Crew Pullover, the Superdry Custom Classic Tee-shirt, the Superdry Hyper Pique Polo. There is also the Superdry Hooded Sweatshirt Sport, the Superdry Sweatshirt m2000070b Red.

Among the boxers, there is the superdry Boxer Double and the superdry O.L Trunk.


Endclothing Endclothing is an online store known for the quality of its clothing. It markets many brands, offering a wide range of classy clothing to its customers. For a modern and elegant style, men are invited to visit this e-boutique.

The brands offered by Endclothing are: Filling Pieces, Rick Owens, A.P.C, Kenzo, Bleu de Paname, Canada Goose, AMIA. There are also Barbour, Wooyoungmi, Nanamica and Norse Projects.

The Asos brand offers a multitude of articles intended, most often, for a young clientele. It markets T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts and jeans. Several other accessories, such as gold watches and gold necklaces are sold.

In addition, the online company Asos sells beautiful shoes and multiple high-end jewelry.

Founded in 1969 in the United States by Donald and Doris Fisher, GAP is a brand that offers many collections. You can find high-end ready-to-wear and mass-market ready-to-wear. Thus, one can find at GAP, flannel shirts, emblematic denim jackets lined with sherpa. Also, the skinny jeans with Gapflex, the dark indigo Washwell skinny jeans with Gapflex are available.

In addition, there are training pants and sweatpants.


It is a company founded in 1949, and despite all these decades, it has established itself as one of the biggest brands for men. It is the leading clothing company in Japan, in terms of sales and profits. It is a brand that has several stores around the world.

It specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of quality clothing.

Like boys

Japanese fashion company, created in 1969, Comme des garçons is a brand that offers several collections with dozens of different lines. With stores in several countries, this brand sells various lines of clothing and shoes for men. We find as clothing, the Play Twin Heart Tee and under the shoes, there is among others the Play x Converse Chuck Taylor Multi Heart 1970s.

Alain Figaret

What man doesn’t dream of buying a beautiful shirt that would enhance his whole body ? It is a privilege that, thanks to the firm Alain Figaret, can now be granted to them. Located in Paris, it is a company specialized in the sale of shirt. This one proposes to you to discover in its stores, its broad range of shirts made for any category of man.

If you happen to want to change your appearance during a businessmen’s outing, you now have a place to go.


Very well known by the general public because of its famous blue jeans, Levi’s is a must in this field. This American company produces each year a huge quantity of luxury clothing entirely dedicated to the male gender. They are indeed very recommended for relaxed outings between friends and family.

By providing you with unprecedented comfort, they allow you to remain beautiful and stylish in all circumstances.

The best perfume brands for men

Elegant clothing style is mostly accompanied by a touch of perfume. These fragrances help to maintain your image. Once adopted, these become your faithful companions who will never let you down again.

Perfume is a fashion accessory that is an important part of any man’s wardrobe. It is indeed, the one that incenses your body with a very particular smell. This is the mission of the Christian Dior fragrances.

Very appreciated, these are made with substances that will transmit you all day long good mood.

Hugo Boss

It would be inconceivable to have a discussion about perfumes without mentioning the prestigious name of Hugo Boss. It is in fact a brand of fragrance very much used by men. Made with a mixture of carefully chosen elements, they offer you a unique sensation of pleasure throughout their duration of action.

With them, your body will always be as radiant as the first day of your birth.


The perfumery sector is a field that attracts many people. It is the case of the Chanel SA company which, very fond of all these smells, was able to create its own perfumes. These different olfactory compositions are adapted for any type of environment.

If your goal is to mark your passage during an outing, they are those you really need.


If it is true that the perfumers invaded this world, all do not propose for all the same fragrances. Hermès, is indeed part of its great brands of extract that have nothing to prove anymore. These various luxury products will allow you to go about your business without the slightest discomfort.

With them, you will be both natural and very elegant.

The best beauty brands for men

To be attractive, a man needs to take care of his body and especially his face. It is the first visual part of your body that really helps to identify you. This is why it is important to pay attention to it.


A man who does not know how to take care of himself is generally not attractive. It’s obvious, because who would like to meet a person who is all dirty ? Apothecary87 was launched to put an end to this torment. This harmonious mixture of small substances with multiple virtues will make you look good again.

Thanks to its use, your body will regain all its splendor.

A sparkling skin is a very well maintained body cover. It is all the more attractive than one that reflects no glow. You will then have to take good care of it to keep it as soft as ever.

Lush is the brand of cosmetics that lends itself without any difficulty to this game. With the help of its so-called magical properties, your skin will continue to remain radiant.


In the life of any human being, hygiene is what allows him to remain in good health. It is a set of principles of life that also allow him to continually remain elegant. If you are concerned about your skin, you will definitely adopt Cattier.

Designed to give you a flawless physical appearance, this brand of cosmetics will do you a world of good.

Dr. Severin

A man’s well-being is not limited to the maintenance of his body. He should also take care of his mentor. It is on this part that one notices for the majority of the time, the appearance of small buttons. Very unpleasant, these products significantly destroy a man’s physical appearance. It is to solve this problem that Dr Severin was created.

This complete range of cosmetic products will ensure a smooth and clean after-shave.

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