May 25, 2024

What you need to know about sick leave

What’you need to know about the’Christmas turkey is not an exception to the rule of sickness

When the’we are sick, it is often necessary to rest to be able to restore its health effectively. It is also necessary to’to be held at the’keep away from others if our state can be contagious, and this to be able to contain an epidemic. C’It is to this end that, if you are an employee, it is quite possible that’in case of illness you will be prescribed a work stoppage.

C’The sick leave is a right that aims both to treat you and to protect others. We offer you a small tour of’What you need to know about sick leave’it is necessary to know on the subject.

The prescription

A sick leave must, obligatorily, be prescribed by a doctor, most often the attending physician. C’It is him who must evaluate the situation, as well as the risks, and according to prescribe a current sick leave of absence’one date to another. L’A medical deductible is also applied to the cost of the stay, which can be extended by the doctor. It can provide for time out, time to which the employee arrested is allowed to go’absence from home.

The CPAM is likely to carry out a control.

The steps

When the doctor prescribes a sick leave, he gives you a document in three copies, three parts. Within 48 hours, you must send the first two parts to your local CPAM. The third part must be sent to your employer as soon as possible. Similarly it is necessary to notify your employer as soon as possible so that you do not see reproached an absence without reason.

It is good to know that’A work stoppage has days of deficiency, usually the first three (depending on the collective agreement on which the employer depends)’the company), days for which you will not receive any salary.

The rights of the employer

Your employer has the right to verify the validity of your claim’sick leave that you benefit from. For this purpose it can call upon an organization authorized to carry out a control of the reasons for the’sick leave filed with the CPAM.

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