May 25, 2024

How to tell your girlfriend about your micropenis

How to talk about your micropenis to your girlfriend ?

A micropenis is a male sex of less than 7 centimeters in adulthood, while the average penis measures between 12 and 17 cm when erect. Men who suffer from it have terrible complexes. They feel diminished and fear their girlfriend’s reaction.

Some people even end up giving up on sex out of shame.

However, a small penis functions quite normally, can give birth and sexual pleasure is not a matter of centimeters, but of feelings and know-how. If the situation is not ideal, there are solutions to live a full sexuality despite a micropenis.

To talk forward or not to talk forward ?

If you are happy with your girlfriend and you want to take a step forward with sex, you will have to show her your sex sooner or later.

There are two schools of thought: those who announce their condition in advance and those who say nothing. If there is a real chemistry with the woman, telling her everything is tempting and can be done. But keeping it a secret may be better.

On the big day, make the foreplay last and take care of her. By giving her a lot of pleasure before sex, she will be less embarrassed by your small sex. Don’t lie to yourself, she’ll notice unless she’s a virgin and discovering a penis for the first time.

Once the intercourse is over, you can talk about it freely with her. Explain how you were afraid of this situation, but decided to take courage because you really like her. Never forget that communication is the key to everything.

You can also tell her that the penis is not everything in a sexual encounter and that there are solutions to change the sensations she had during vaginal penetration. Talk together about what she likes in bed (positions, gestures, speed, accessories…). It will release as you convert, so she’ll already be looking forward to the next time she has sex with you.

If you are a teenager, it is very important to choose your first girlfriend well. Don’t look for the girl who sleeps with a lot of boys in high school and then reveals all the juicy details to her friends. You could then quickly get mocked or have your micropenis hinted at.

Aim for a smarter, more mature girl who won’t try to make herself interesting afterwards by talking about your sexual performance.

There are solutions, but it’s not surgery

No, plastic surgery is a lie. In fact, you can increase the size of your penis… at rest ! Having a small sex for urination or to hide a budding erection in your pants is not an embarrassment. It’s even practical.

What you want is a bigger sex in erection so that your partner takes more pleasure. In this case, there is no surgery (at least not at this time) to help you.

However, it is possible to increase the size of your sex with a penis accessory such as a sheath. This item is put on your glans, a bit like a prosthesis on your arm. When you sleep with the girl, your sex still penetrates her, but thanks to the sheath, she gets a bigger width and longer length than your sex.

It reduces the sensations of your sex a little, but increases her sensations tenfold. This is an excellent solution to continue to enjoy each other’s pleasure during penetration.

Apart from the gains, the sex shops market penis developers. These accessories seem a bit scary at first and seem to come from the mind of a crazy doctor. In reality, the operation is much simpler than one thinks.

You put your sex in the developer, press a button (for the newest) or a pump (for the oldest) and it causes a suction effect on your sex.

This suction effect increases the flow of blood into your penis and makes it bigger. Manufacturers promise long-term results. For example, they sometimes say that doing a course of three pumps a day for a month will make your erect sex four centimeters bigger.

Unfortunately, the results are not as good, but significant improvements are possible if you use it just before having sex. Admittedly, it’s not the most romantic step (putting your sex in a developer). But, you can do it during foreplay. Choose an electric model, put your sex inside and let the device inflate it while you fondle partners.

The time will not seem so long to her if she takes pleasure.

You also have textured condoms that increase a woman’s pleasure or penis rings that can make her clitoral area vibrate at each penetration. As for condoms, apart from the fact that they are a must when both partners have not yet been tested for AIDS and other sexual diseases, they provide both partners with. While the condom serves the man’s sex and inflates it a little, the woman enjoys the structure of the textured condom.

For penis rings, they tighten the penis even more and ensure a hard and long erection. Take a vibrating model so that the penetration ensures the partner of soft sensations at the level of the zone of the clitoris. Choose a model that is used a lot so that your micropenis can enjoy the benefits of the sex toy.

Micropenis is not a tragedy. With perseverance and know-how, you’ll soon make your partner understand that a few well-used centimeters are better than a long, awkward sex. In addition, many accessories exist today to take over and momentarily inflate your sex more than usual.

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