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What is a minimalist tattoo

Minimalist tattoo: the’The art of the small tattoo, ephemeral or durable

The trendy tattoo is now discreet, small and thin. More and more’tattoo enthusiasts opt for minimalist tattoos. The most skeptical let themselves be tempted and start with ephemeral tattoos. Qu’does the minimalist tattoo ? How to make a minimalist tattoo ? Will Minimalist Tattoo ephemeral tattoos overtake classic tattoos ?

What’is the minimalist tattoo ?

The minimalist tattoo translate as a minimalist tattoo in French. It is therefore necessary to discover the codes of the’minimalist art. This form of’The art is characterized by its simple, geometric and smooth forms.

The superfluous is removed and we keep only the essential’essential. In drawing, the minimalist style translates into very sober and uncluttered works.

As far as tattoos are concerned, men who adopt the minimalist tattoo ask for small, geometric designs. The one line tattoo is also very popular. He is’The idea is to draw a motif in a single line, as if the tattoo artist did not know how to do it’had not removed the’skin needle a second.

In case of failed tattoo, c’is easy to catch up on. Whatever’In any case, find out what he paid for his online tournament’You have to know before getting a tattoo.

How to make a minimalist tattoo ?

Making a minimalist tattoo is no different than making a traditional tattoo’a classic tattoo. The tattoo artist applies the same protocol of’hygiene. As for the drawing, you can be inspired by the images of minimalist tattoos that you will find on the internet, or draw the tattoo yourself.

There are many tutorials on platforms like YouTube.

There is one last point to be treated once the tattoo is done’you have chosen the area to be tattooed: how to take care of your tattoos ? A tattoo is similar to a wound, because it includes many micro-wounds. It is thus advisable to wet it indirectly and to wash the skin with a neutral soap or an antibacterial solution. One dries while tapping with a clean linen and a compress.

Once the skin is dry, we moisturize with a specific cream for tattoos.

If you do not feel ready to take the plunge, know that the ink does not take when the tattoo is applied’there are the ephemeral tattoos of Minimalist Tattoo.

Minimalist tattoo: ephemeral tattoos with the’natural ink

Minimalist Tattoo are ephemeral. C’East with blue’Jagua ink that the tattoo artist works with. It s’s a matter of’a natural anchor, made from a natural material’an exotic fruit juice native to Brazil’South America, the Jagua. L’The ink produced is the same color as the one used for the tattoo’ink of’a classic tattoo, it is’i.e. night blue.

It is therefore possible to get a tattoo without pain and, in case of regret, you will not have to worry about it’It is not necessary to look for how to remove a tattoo from the body, since it is not possible to remove it from the body’it is ephemeral.

Minimalist Tattoo is a French brand that composes kits of tattoos in the’Jagua ink. You can therefore make your tattoo yourself, no need to use an ink’be a pro. Of course, it is preferable to know how to draw straight lines ! In addition, we have’Other advantages to try ephemeral tattoos :

  • l’The ink used is natural and blue
  • the tattoo lasts between 1 and 3 weeks, so we have time to see if the tattoo is still there’we like it if we want to move on to a permanent tattoo
  • if you don’I don’t like tattoos anymore, it’s a good idea to try them out’erase naturally in a short time
  • a complete kit costs about 25 €, which does not include’is not expensive for a tattoo
  • There is one last point to treat once you don’t feel any pain during the tattooing process’application

For extend the life of ephemeral tattoos, It is advisable to’avoid chlorine and repetitive rubbing. In addition, we recommend the’application of vegetable oils’vegetable oils (like the one used in the past)’The tattoos are made of coconut oil) to protect the tattoo. In case of’If you are exposed to the sun, you should apply a sun cream or oil.

To make your tattoo, you can use stencils, or draw freehand. The Minimalist Tattoo kit contains Jagua gel and applicators. Follow the instructions of the kit and it’s done ! However, you should know that the’The ink can appear 24 hours or even 48 hours after application.

This n’So it’s not surprising if you have the right tattoo’It is not necessary to have a tattoo to feel that the ink is still there’If you are not ready to take the plunge, know that the ink does not take when the tattoo artist is working on it’application.

Minimalist tattoo : the ephemeral tattoos with the same look

My opinion on Minimalist tattoo

In the’together, I find that ephemeral tattoos are an interesting alternative Minimalist Tattoo are very satisfying. L’The use is simple, it is necessary however to let dry the ink well’ink to have a perfect rendering. The result is incredible: it looks like a real tattoo ! L’This ink is 100% natural, but it is preferable to do a small test of the ink’allergy 48 hours before tattooing.

Ephemeral tattoos are interesting alternatives, especially when the ink is natural and blue’on n’is not decided for good. It is true that’It is often asked for a man tattoo what to do and where to do it’This is why it is an excellent idea to do some tests before getting a permanent tattoo. Once you are sure of your choice, it’s time to find the best tattoo artist in France to create an original and qualitative creation. This time, there is no going back !

How to take care of your ephemeral Polynesian tattoo minimalist ?

Even if you choose the ephemeral tattoo, it does not prevent you from asking yourself several questions before its realization. Indeed, it can be the first step before you decide for a real tattoo. In this case, it is important to choose the style of the tattoo, the area to be tattooed and the type of tattoo’application, size, as well as the presence of colors in the pattern or not.

You can also ask about the temporary tattoo itself. What are the inks used or how long does a Maori ephemeral tattoo last can therefore be part of it.

As far as the outfit of your tattoo is concerned, it is important to pay attention to its application and to the way it is applied’take care of it afterwards. You should know :

  • Choose a place to wash your hands’application adapted to the tattoo and avoid areas of high friction (such as on the foot, because of the sock and the shoe)
  • exfoliate your skin before buying new clothes’It is important to pay attention to the application and to remove dead cells
  • shave your hair so that it adheres better
  • to be meticulous in the installation of the tattoo (the skin must be perfectly dry and clean)

Thereafter, it is recommended to’avoid sports sessions, simply to limit perspiration. This one can be harmful to the longevity of your tattoo. If you don’You have no choice, use baby powder. This will serve to absorb the sebum. Also, when you wash yourself avoid rubbing the tattoo.

Go around. It is therefore advisable not to use a sock’It is not good for your outfit if you apply it too close to your wrists, because hand washing in a day is not a good idea’It’s not a good thing for your outfit.

The quality of the site where you are going to order also has its importance, especially from the point of view of the’ink. For example, it is important that the tattoo be made with hypoallergenic inks and glue. You should also be able to find the composition on the site.

To keep your tattoo minimalist, we recommend you to use the following’As we have already specified, the location is extremely important. This is not’It is clearly not a good idea to put it close to the body’a joint, near the hands or on the foot. The type of tattoo must also be adapted to the area.

C’is of’If you don’t want to wear it elsewhere, it’s not good for your outfit’there are specific tattoos for the body’You can also choose a model with a symbolism that corresponds to you fully before buying new clothes, such as forearms, sleeves, underboob (to be put under the chest of women).

If you pay attention to all these little details, you can hope to keep your tattoo intact for about ten days. You will then be able to get used to the idea of’You will be able to get used to the idea of a tattoo’To be finally tattooed. As far as the minimalist tattoo is concerned, you should know that the Polynesian tattoo can clearly be part of it, provided you don’t choose it too imposing, nor too sophisticated. You can also take the time to reflect, to select a model with a symbolism that fully corresponds to you.

You will see that you will have the embarrassment of the choice in this field. L’The world of Maori tattooing is really very rich.

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